Persicaria amplexicaulis var. speciosum syn. Bistorta amplexicaulis Mountain fleeceflower Z 4-7


queen of flowers with red spikes lasting from June to October

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Taxonically a mess, this plant has numerous synonyms on which even the experts cannot agree.  Flora of China calls this Polygonum amplexicaule var. amplexicaule and lists 7 synonyms.  The Missouri Botanic Garden says this is the same as Persicaria amplexicaulus ‘Firetail.’  In China it’s called “bao jing quan shen.”  Regardless of the name it’s a queen of flowers with pink to red spikes lasting from June to October.  Liberty Hyde Bailey considered this, “an excellent border perennial.” (1935) One of internationally known garden designer Piet Oudolf’s 100 “MUST HAVE” plants, Gardens Illustrated 94 (2013)