Buy Garden Plants to Adorn Your Pewaukee Home with Heritage

Pewaukee Lake is just down the street or out your lake facing front window. It’s diverse ecosystem of wetland wildlife, flora and fauna lends you a new perspective on your garden and landscaping.

I could add some native Wisconsin plants and historic heirlooms to my garden and create something to pass down for generations.

No one in Wisconsin knows gardens better than Heritage Flower Farm – Forget the greenhouse-raised plants from Schulte’s, Walmart or Stein’s. You want ground-raised plants impervious to Wisconsin’s unforgiving weather. Or maybe a Butterfly Garden to add life to the Lake Country air?

A short, scenic 32-minute drive from Pewaukee brings you to Wisconsin’s best flower and plant farm

There are a couple of ways to go:

Fastest Route and has Some Scenic Sections Especially if you have not Seen Waukesha in awhile!

You’re going to take WI-164S to a right on Waukesha L to Janesville Road & you are there! This is the quickest & shortest route.

This is the route if you have other places to in Waukesha first:

You can get over to I43, there are several roads to get you there from Pewaukee through Waukesha & take that to Hwy83 near Mukwonago, going south from there to a left onto Janesville Road. This adds miles & a few minutes of drive time but if you like some speed the freeway time will give that to you!

The map indicates a 3rd Route going toward Milwaukee/West Allis – this is perfect if you have some errands to the east!