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Heritage Flower Farm:
Growing Heirloom Perennial Flowering Plants – Many Rare, All Classic.

Recognized as a Great Heirloom Plant Refuge. In Business Since 1998.

Heritage Flower Farm was founded on the passion of connecting plants to their origins and preserving heirloom flowers. Maybe you’re looking for Native Wisconsin plants to remind you of your grandparents’ garden, heirloom plants to start a family tradition, or an authentic landscape for your Victorian home or 1940’s bungalow. Whatever it is visit our farm with award-winning gardens and fields of flowers, all heirloom, many rare, send us a message or check out our online garden shop today!

Heritage Flower Farm in Mukwonago, Wisconsin is an award-winning nursery growing more than 1,000 heirloom plants, providing their stories and spreading them to gardens from Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian and Canada’s Royal Botanic Garden to gardens like yours.

Heirloom plants are plants with a past. These plants witnessed Native Americans and gave them food, medicine, games, and implements of love and war.  They saw America before John Smith sailed up the James River in Virginia. They heard the dawn of history, Greece of Aristotle, Europe of Elizabeth I, or Siberia of the Cossacks. They are plants with stories, not just perfumes, flamboyant flowers, or sweet, pearl-like buds. They narrate dangerous tales of discovery by intrepid plant hunters. They nourish wildlife, feed bird and insect companions to maintain abundant biodiversity. They are tough survivors – under conditions of their home places they thrive with little care. They are the originals, plants of our heritage, connecting us with the past from ancient Greece to your grandmother.

Awards & Recognition

The National Wildlife Federation honored Heritage Flower Farm with the distinction of Certified Wildlife Habitat, a sustainable garden that supports wildlife.

Pass This Heirloom Plant Along!

At Heritage Flower Farm we grow pass-along plants — plants passed on from one generation to the next. Share this website with a gardening friend or plan an excursion to wander our gardens in Mukwonago Wisconsin and take home the plants of your heritage or dreams!

Each plant you order will arrive with a Plant Profile telling the plant’s history, as well as how to care for your plant.