Heritage Flower Farm Plant Shipping

We send most plants through the US Post Office, Priority Mail and UPS for larger orders.  If you want us to send them using a different carrier, please email Betty, bettya@heritageflowerfarm.com.

***We are currently not licensed to ship plants to CALIFORNIA .  If you attempt to enter a shipping address that is in the state of California your order will not process as we can not ship there.***

We dig plants up in spring and pot them up for sale.  Those plants that are identified as being in a “pot” are those that we potted in spring. Those plants that are identified as “bareroot” are dug from our field, packed with their roots in moist newspaper then enclosed in plastic.  Many of the plants are pruned when they are dug and packed.  This will help them recover sooner from the journey and make them bushier in the long run.  When you receive your plants, please unpack them promptly and water them.  If you can’t plant them right away, pot them until you can get them into the ground.

Last year a customer did not pick up their plants at a post office in New York so they were sent back unopened 24 days after we shipped them.  Those plants sat in the box for 24 days! They looked scraggly but showed a little green.  So we potted them up and in 2 weeks the plants were fine.  Shocking, but it’s a true story.

We’ve done our best to approximate the cost of packing and shipping.  Packing can sometimes be a timely process.  Orders costing more than $300 are charged only for the shipping actually charged by the Post Office; you will need to email us to arrange separate payment for shipping of orders over $300.