Buy Garden Plants for BayView Milwaukee Homes & Businesses

You’re getting ready to fancy up your new Bayview garden areas and wonder:

“What should I do on this north facing garden area?”

Something unique? Something with meaning? Something with a real cool history? Yes that is the perfect idea for my eclectic neighborhood on the shores of Lake Michigan – something to talk about with neighbors and spread to our children!

Time for a shopping spree! No NOT Steins land of what everyone has, No get past Plantland with their limited selections. Forget about Bluemels just forget about them! YES a nice drive to Heritage Flower Farm in Mukwonago, the only place that knows the rich history of Wisconsin Native plants to survive all Wisconsin’s changing weathers, even on the North Side of the house near Lake Michigan. I hear they have plants that Thomas Jefferson cultivated!

It’s a 30minute drive by freeway but we are going to enjoy the ride on Janesville Road and not worry about the 10minutes longer!

We are going to use Howell Ave to get on I-41/I-43/I-894 W then exit at Forest Home Ave going west. Looking for a merging right at Janesville Road that turns into Waukesha L for 2 more miles right to the Farm where what is old grows new every day, year after year, generation after generation!

Pre-Shop Heirloom Garden Plants Right Now – But make the drive, it is worth it! Read more about Betty Adelman & Heritage Flower Farm

Try One of These 3 Routes to Heritage Flower Farm:

Seems Fast but is Boring

Get on I-43 S/I-94 E from S Howell Ave and E Oklahoma Ave
6 min (2.1 mi)
Continue on I-41/I-43 S/I-894 W to Mukwonago. Take exit 43 from I-43 S
22 min (24.0 mi)
Continue on WI-83 S. At Janesville Rd Turn Left to Heritage Flower Farm
5 min (3.2 mi)

Nice Leisurely Drive – Not Too Bad

Follow E Russell Ave to S Howell Ave
1 min (0.3 mi)
Take I-41/I-43 S/I-894 W
Exit at W Forest Home Ave approx 2miles
Merge Right onto W Janesville Rd and Waukesha L
Continue on Waukesha L Rd to Heritage Flower Farm
24.5 total miles/39mins

Explore the Area – Maybe a Bite to eat at Sneesby’s Denoon Saloon on Racine Ave just South of Kelsey Drive Muskego

Get on I-43 S/I-94 E from S Howell Ave and E Oklahoma Ave
6 min (2.1 mi)
Take W Loomis Rd to Muskego Dam Dr in Muskego
20 min (15.2 mi)
Take Kelsey Dr to WI-164 N/Big Bend Dr in Vernon
7 min (4.3 mi)
Turn right onto WI-164 N/Big Bend Dr
2 min (1.7 mi)
Continue on Waukesha L. Drive to Heritage Flower Farm


Heritage Flower Farm
33725 County Road L, Mukwonago, WI 53149