February 6, 2019

We Don’t Hibernate

There’s Snow on the Ground
We Survived the Polar Vortex
We’ve been busy growing flowers for you

Here are a few of our new (to us) old (to gardens) blue and bluish flowers we’re growing:


Been working on growing this for a few years to grow enough to sell. Finally it’s landed. One of the best for long blooming spikes on a mid-sized plant – Scutellaria baicalensis   Chinese skullcap, native to Siberia too so you know it’s hardy. Ancient China – it cured colds, fever, headaches and insomnia. In 19th century English gardens it added “rich velvety dark blue flowers.” William Robinson.



Award-winning true steel blue flowers. Yes, it’s a thistle – rabbits and deer stay away. Eryngium amethystinum  Amethyst sea holly, flowers in mid to late summer. In gardens since 1648. Hardy from the arctic (laughs at the polar vortex) to Zone 8.     S – no picture


Here’s another true blue that we’ve been working on for a few years to get enough to sell, Gentiana dahurica Siberian Gentian. Flares of its dark blue tubes surround white throats. Blooms in early to mid-summer. In gardens since its discovery in 1812.  Zones 4-7       S – ask me which picture to use




This rare, itsy plant, only 4” tall spreading to 10” wide, magnificent beyond its tiny size for blooming bluish-lilac, spring into fall. Sneak it into little spaces. Let it sprawl. Chaenorhinum glareosum, Dwarf snapdragon 1st described in 1838. Zones 5-9.       S- add picture



Stay tuned for more “we don’t hibernate” plants