Long Blooming Garden

Gardeners want perennials that bloom “all year.” Some perennials bloom for a fleeting few weeks. We have sought out long blooming perennials – those that flower for 6 weeks or more, weather permitting. A few bloom all summer and fall.

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  • Long blooming Garden for sun

    Long Blooming Garden for sun.



    Long Blooming Garden for Sun                              Size : Height x width*          Bloom color
    3 Agastache foeniculum -Anise hyssop                                          2-3’ x 12”                  purple
    1 Callirhoe involucrata – Prairie poppy mallow                               6” x 12-24”               magenta
    3 Coreopsis verticillata  – Thread-leaf tickseed                              24″ x  18″                  yellow
    1 Kalimeris incisa – False aster                                                      24” x 12”                    purple
    3 Rudbeckia triloba – Brown-eyed susan                                       3-4’ x 2-3’                  yellow
    3 Ruellia humilis – Prairie petunia                                                  8-10” x 10”                 purple
    1 Salvia verticillata – Lilac sage                                                      24” x 18-24”               purple
    1 Scabiosa ochroleuca- Cream pincushion flower                          24-30”x 18”                white

    These flower for two months or more. All plants are perennials.
    If planted together in one garden these make a 24 square foot garden. *Most of these plants get wider over time by spreading roots or by self-seeding .
    16 plants for $140.15. Would be $175.20 if purchased separately. You save $35.05