Emily Dickinson Garden

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) spent her life at her family’s homestead in Amherst, MA. She gardened in her American Victorian era garden as passionately as she wrote poetry. The plants we offer were either referred to in her poems or are pressed in her herbarium.

She wrote of spring:

So build the hillocks gaily
Thou little spade of mine
Leaving nooks for Daisy
And for Columbine
You and I the secret
Of the Crocus know –
Let us chant it softly –
“There is no more snow!”

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  • Emily Dickinson Garden for sun

    Emily Dickinson Garden for sun.



    Note: This collection is not currently for sale.  This is an archive page preserved for informational use.

    Emily Dickinson Garden for Sun               Size : Height x width*          Bloom color
    1 Alcea rosea – Hollyhock                                                      2-3’ x 2’                           varies
    3 Aquilegia canadensis – Canada columbine                    24-36”x 12”                     red
    1 Aster novae angliae – New England aster                       3-4’ x 24”                         pink or purple
    3 Campanula rotundifolia – Harebell                                 9-12” x 8”                         blue
    1 Clematis virginiana – Virgin’s bower (vine)                   12-20’ x 4’                        white
    3 Geranium pratenseMeadow Cranesbill                      24-36” x 24”                    bluish-violet
    1 Iris siberica – Siberian iris                                                 3-4’ x 12”                          purple
    3 Lilium lancifoliuim – Tiger lily                                         3-4’ x 12”                          orange
    1 Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’                                                    36” x 36”                          pink
    3 Zizia aurea – Golden alexander                                        30″ x 24″                          yellow

    All plants are perennials except the Hollyhock which is a reseeding biennial.
    If planted together in one garden these make a 30 square foot garden. **Most of these plants get wider over time by spreading roots or by self-seeding .