1900 Cottage Garden

Cottage gardens – blousy, rambunctious, mixture of flowers, typical of mixed borders and homestead gardens at the turn of the century.

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  • Cottage Garden for sun

    Cottage Garden for sun



    Cottage Garden for Sun                    Size: Height x Width*          Bloom color
    Spring blooming
    1 Aurinia saxatilis – Basket of Gold                             10″ x 12″                     yellow
    1 Papaver orientale – Poppy                                         2-3’ x 2’                      orange
    Summer blooming
    1 Alcea rosea – Hollyhock (reseeding biennial)         2-3’ x 2’                      varies
    3 Delphinium exaltatum – Tall larkspur                      3-4′ x 9″                   purple
    3 Lilium lancifolium – Tiger lily                                    3-4’ x 12”                 orange
    3 Phlox paniculata – Garden phlox                             4’ x 2’                        magenta
    1 Stachys byzantina – Lambs ear                              12”x 12”                    lavender-pink
    Fall blooming
    1 Aster novae angliae – New England aster                3-4’ x 24”                   pink or purple
    1 Boltonia asteroides – Bolton’s aster                          5-6’ x 3’                      white
    3 Euaptorium coelestinum Blue mist                            3’ x 2-3’                     blue

    If planted together in one garden these make a 33 square foot garden.
    *Most of these plants get wider by spreading roots or by self-seeding over time.
    All plants are perennials except the Hollyhock which is a biennial that reseeds

    18 plants for $158.35.  Would be $186.30 if purchased separately. You save $27.95.

    If you plan on coming to the Nursery to purchase this collection, please give us at least 24 hours notice to prepare the collection for you.