June 28, 2018

5 Favorite Perennials for the Dog Days of Summer

Spring is over. Peonies, Anemones, Bleeding hearts gone, done, sayonara until next spring.

All’s not lost. Many flowers can color your garden in the coming dog days. Here are some of our favorites.

Gaillardia aristata  Blanket Flower.  Yellow and red daisy petals surround red cones non-stop, June-October, a true winner.






Coreopsis verticillata Thread leafed tickseed
All summer into fall, free-blooming non-stop – yolk yellow daisies atop wiry stems.
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Ruellia humilis Prairie petunia
Lilac trumpets late June-October. Hummingbird magnet.







Callirhoe involucrata Wine cups, Prairie poppy mallow
Magenta-purple up-facing cups with white centers, June – October. Food for butterflies.







Persicaria polymorpha     Giant fleeceflower
Giant white plumes June-October. Big but not invasive. Award winner.






Pick favorites ? Who am I kidding? Here’s a list of a few more really special ones-
Knautia macedonica syn. Scabiosa rumelica   Pincushion plant
Claret pincushions float at the tips of airy wands all summer & fall.

Imperata cylindrica  Japanese Blood GrassGrass blades turn blood red.

Buddleja davidii  Butterfly Bush.   Fragrant, large, lilac to purple arching spikes from summer through fall. Butterfly invitation.

Eryngium giganteum Miss Wilmott’s Ghost
In summer, oval thistles top prickly green, turning steely blue, silvery, prickly bracts – very ornamental.

Salvia verticillata Lilac sage, Whorley clary.
Muted lilac-blue spikes June to October.

Hibiscus moscheutos   Rose mallow
August and September, bodacious, white, pink or crimson platters, looking like the tropics.

Salvia argentea Silver sage
Large rosettes of the woolliest silver leaves. So soft you want to pet them. Go ahead. Softer than chinchilla.