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  • Koeleria cristata syn. Koeleria macrantha June grass

    whitish spike-like panicles



    Koeleria cristata syn.  Koeleria macrantha  June grass        Z 4-8
    Erect ivory spike-like panicles June thru August, poke above a neat mound of erect grass blades.

    Size: 2' x 18"
    Care: Sun in well drained to moist well-drained soil
    Native: prairies of No. America

    Koeleria named by Linnaeus for grass specialist and professor at Mainz, G.L. Koeler (1765-1806).  Cheyenne Indians tied June grass to the heads of Sun Dancers to deter them from getting tired and made paint brushes from it.  New Mexico’s Jemez Indians made brooms from tied blades.   Isleta  and Havasupai Indians ate ground seeds in bread  and  as mush.  Liberty Hyde Bailey (1933) said: “Sometimes cultivated for lawn decoration in open dry ground.”

  • Koeleria glauca Blue hair grass Z 5-9

    Erect spike-like panicles June thru August



    Koeleria glauca  Blue hair grass  Z 5-9
    Erect spike-like panicles June thru August, poke above a neat mound of erect, blue grass blades.

    Size: 16" x 12”
    Care: Sun in well-drained soil
    Native: Siberia & Central Europe

    Collected before 1800.

  • Luzula nivea Snowy woodrush 5-8

    Dense white flower clusters in June-July



    Luzula nivea       Snowy woodrush  Z 5-8
    Dense white flower clusters in June-July. Leaves are evergreen with fuzzy margins. The best grass for shade.

    Size: 24” x 24”
    Care: part shade in moist well-drained soil. Deer resistant.
    Native: Central and southern Europe, Alps

    Species named by Linnaeus in 1750’s.  Luzula in Latin means “light.”  Nivea means “snow white.”  According to Liberty Hyde Bailey the flowers are “useful in dried bouquets.”(1933)

  • Melica ciliata Silky spike melic grass Z 5-9

    Arching white flower spikes



    Melica ciliata   Silky spike melic grass  Z 5-9
    Ornamental arching white spikes from June through mid-summer. Especially nice for its early bloom, long before most grasses.

    Size: 2' x 12"
    Care: full sun in moist well-drained to moist soil. Deer resistant
    Native: Eurasia to North Africa

    Melica is Greek for “sweet grass.”  Collected before late 1700’s.